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How to Form a Corporation at Maxfilings

"I have a small business – what’s the benefit to forming my corporation?"

Many new business owners are overwhelmed with the misconceptions and rumors about how to form a corporation. The business start-up process is difficult enough, and then someone inevitably asks if your business is incorporated. You wonder, "Should it be?"

The short answer is yes…

Maxfilings makes forming a corporation easy. We handle the form preparation and filing—you simply choose your preferred business structure and fill information in the user-friendly forms.

You've heard the paperwork is tedious and the fees are expensive to form your corporation - not when you use Maxfilings

Forming a Corporation Has Benefits

Many small business owners start as sole proprietorships. A sole proprietorship means you own and manage the business, and you are personally liable for all debts and obligations, including possible lawsuits filed against the business.

The advantages of incorporation:

  • Your business is legally separate from you and your personal assets.
  • You are protected from liability risks. If someone sues your company, they can only go after the business assets.
  • It lowers your personal tax burden and you have certain tax benefits.
  • Incorporating adds credibility to your business.
  • Once your business is incorporated, you can raise capital more easily by selling stock and securities.

Maxfilings Makes It Easy To Form a Corporation

Our user-friendly system shows you up-front pricing and helps you choose which business structure (i.e. LLC, C corporation, S corporation, and more) works best for you..

Just choose your state and business structure, enter your information, and we take it from there!

MaxFilings incorporation specialists help business owners in all 50 states and the District of Columbia formally incorporate their ventures.

If you’re experiencing a time crunch or need to gather more information, MaxFilings’ online system lets you save your work and return later to finish.

We invite you to learn more about forming a corporation by visiting our knowledge center and blog.

Ready to begin the process of forming your corporation? Check out our up-front pricing page to learn how to begin and know the cost of your incorporation before you begin. If you have questions about the business incorporation process at MaxFilings, please contact us by calling us toll-free at (888) 978-8426.