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How much does it cost to incorporate with MaxFilings?

Save attorney fees

When you engage MaxFilings online incorporation service, there is no need to pay high hourly charges for an attorney to handle routine filings to form your corporation. High volume allows MaxFilings formation specialists to prepare and file necessary paperwork for you quickly and efficiently. Consult an attorney for advice – then save time and money by having MaxFilings form your corporation in complete confidence.

Determining your cost to incorporate

MaxFilings’ actual charges are minimal since our experienced formation specialists can prepare the necessary filings quickly and efficiently.

Almost all of the cost to incorporate online with MaxFilings consists of state filing fees required by the state where you form your corporation. State filing fees to form a corporation at this time range from about $50 to $300 so the cost to incorporate will vary widely from state to state.

Some web sites make determining your total cost in advance tricky, leaving some fees, like shipping or correspondent fees unclear, or even hidden, until after you’ve placed your order. Pricing in this way can be misleading or misunderstood easily, so it’s advisable to verify the complete cost of incorporation with an online incorporation service before entering your information.

MaxFilings’ simple, honest pricing allows you to know the exact total cost of incorporation right upfront.

MaxFilings does not try to lure you in with a price that looks very low, leaving it to you to add state filing fees. Nor will we surprise you with “hidden fees” to cover unmentioned add-ons.

We want to make cost-to-incorporate information as simple and clear as possible. Our filing fees, state fees, shipping fees, correspondent fees - all fees are included in the prices you see on our site.

We think that’s the best way to leave no doubt as to exactly what your total price is going to be. You don’t have to wonder whether there are inflated state fee schedules or surprise add-ons. With MaxFilings, you get honest up-front incorporation pricing with absolutely no surprises – your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

More ways you can save big

While you can simply form your corporation with MaxFilings’ budget priced Basic Package, most clients choose either the Standard Package or Max Package in order to get the valuable additions for substantially less than their cost when purchased separately.

Priority Processing, a much needed Kit & Seal with Sample Forms, and a valuable Business Forms CD are included in the Standard Package while those items plus a Certified Copy, S Corporation Election Preparation (if applicable), Federal Tax ID Number Preparation and Obtainment, and Expedited Processing are included in the Max Package, giving you virtually everything you will need.

Check our competitive straightforward costs to incorporate and see how much you can get for your money when you incorporate online with MaxFilings.

If you’re still in the process of evaluating your options, you’ll find a wealth of incorporation information in the MaxFilings Online Incorporation Knowledge Center.

If you’re ready to incorporate, you can start entering your information now. You’re under no obligation, and there is no charge until you actually place your order.