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Online LLC formation service: advantages offered by MaxFilings

Whether it's your first time or you've successfully formed several businesses already, there are many reasons that will make MaxFilings your first choice to form your Limited Liability Company (LLC) online.

You are guaranteed to be satisfied

Our number one priority is to provide a service that satisfies our customers. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that solidifies this pledge to you. Every aspect of our business is designed to support your satisfaction, from our simple, competitive pricing to our easy-to-use online LLC formation system and fulfillment of your order.

Save attorney fees

It is always advisable to seek the advice of your attorney and tax advisor when determining if, when, and where you should form your LLC. But once that decision is made, you can reduce your expense by letting a MaxFilings LLC formation specialist take care of it from there.

Handling a large volume of LLC formations in all 50 states enables MaxFilings to form your LLC quickly, accurately and efficiently at rates well below those typically charged by attorneys.

Save time and reduce risk

Forming your LLC online with MaxFilings is much faster than traditional methods. While you could certainly handle forming your own LLC by dealing directly with the state, it does take the uninitiated an unjustifiable amount of time to learn the ropes and become familiar with fee schedules, special requirements, and the complicated documents that must be submitted.

In addition, the review and preparation of information by MaxFilings formation specialists reduces the risk of having your filing rejected because documents are incorrectly completed or submitted.

You will enjoy the peace of mind MaxFilings provides. You can rest assured the formation of your LLC will be completed quickly, accurately, economically, confidentially, and to your satisfaction.

Determine your total cost to form your LLC before submitting your information

You will want to verify the complete cost of incorporation before moving forward with any LLC formation service.

Simple, honest pricing at MaxFilings shows you the exact total cost to form an LLC right upfront. You will find no hidden fees or surprise add-ons. Our filing fees, state fees, shipping fees, correspondent fees - all fees are included in the prices you see on our site.

Submit your information quickly and easily

No other online business formation service makes it so easy to submit the necessary information.

Ten easy steps walk you through each piece of information required to form your LLC. You can enter it all at once or just start entering information and come back to work on it as convenient for you. See for yourself how convenient it is - Try it now - there is absolutely no cost or obligation; you pay only when you are ready to submit your order.

Incorporate online securely

As a user, all of your information is kept secure and confidential at all times, encrypted with secure server software to protect it from unauthorized access. uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a global standard security technology that creates an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to ensure that all data transmitted remains private and secure.

You can shop with confidence since is a verified Authorize.Net merchant, committed to providing customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. Find out more here: Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.

We never share your personal information with anyone other than our agents, affiliates or partners who require it in order to facilitate providing you with the services you request. You will find more about our strict Privacy Policy here.

Enjoy exceptional customer support

We at MaxFilings are proud of our customer support. We will send an email to update you at every step of the way so you’ll always know the status of your order as the formation of your LLC progresses. And, of course, you can always talk to one of our friendly MaxFilings representatives by calling (855) 823-9598.

Start forming your LLC online with MaxFilings now.