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Top Qualities To Look For in Your Next Employee

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When you’re seeking new talent for a nonprofit organization or small business, you want to find the right person who won’t only get the job done but will do it well. Moreover, you want someone who will represent your company and your mission statement.

You also want to ensure the person you hire is in it for the long haul because the truth is—hiring new employees is expensive. In fact, according to Glassdoor, it costs around $4,000 on average to hire just one new employee.

With so much at stake, it’s imperative that you make smart choices during your interview process, and knowing what characteristics to look for in a good employee will help make that task less stressful.

So without further delay, here’s our list of the 17 best qualities to look for in a good employee.

1) Reliable

Reliability is perhaps the number one quality you should look for in an employee. A reliable employee will show up when scheduled, and when you can give them an assignment, you can be confident they’ll complete it on time. Having reliable employees is one of the keys to ensuring your business runs efficiently and smoothly.

2) Good communicator

Whether working with clients or within a team at the office, you want an employee who can communicate well. This should include both verbal and written communication.

3) Positive

You want to look for an employee who views a challenge or setback as just another opportunity or puzzle to solve. A person with a positive attitude can not only get things accomplished, but they can really help set the tone in any organization. A "can-do" attitude keeps projects moving forward and employee morale high.

4) Eager to learn

An employee who is ready to learn and improve based on feedback is someone who will be an asset to your organization. Technology will continue to change and evolve and so will your business. You need an employee who is genuinely interested in learning and willing to challenge themselves to try new things.

5) Dedicated

An employee who is dedicated to their job will want to go above and beyond to ensure their work is done with quality in mind. Their goal won’t be to just get their job done and go home. They’ll take pride in their work and be committed to ensuring whatever it is that they produce represents themselves and the company.

6) Inquisitive

A good employee is someone who will ask questions. Asking questions means they’re engaged in the project or task and interested in solving problems. It also demonstrates that they want to understand your expectations and do a thorough job.

7) Team player

If your organization works in designated teams, this is especially important. Having the skills to work with people who have diverse personalities and work styles is one of the keys to the success of any company. A good employee should understand the value of good communication and collaboration with a team.

8) Organized

Someone who is organized is a good employee because they come prepared. They know where to find necessary forms, and their work is submitted on time. Hiring organized employees helps keep your business moving forward and prevents unnecessary delays.

9) Proactive

Proactive employees can look at the big picture and see where there might be potential pitfalls. They will come up with ideas to improve the process and help your organization accomplish more.

10) Productive

Productive employees know how to focus and get the job done. They understand that they have a job to do, and they show up to that job ready to work. They’re able to prioritize their tasks and complete them in a timely manner, making the workplace more efficient.

11) Problem solver

A good employee should be able to exhibit problem-solving skills when they run into a roadblock. Those who have this skill set will be willing to ask questions, try things a different way, and resolve issues without throwing in the towel.

12) Marketable

A good employee should be able to represent your company and interact with your customers. This means they should behave in a professional manner and take pride in their appearance in a way that aligns with your company’s values and expectations.

13) Honest

Honesty is important when dealing with money, clients and confidential information. If you can trust that your employees are honest, you’ll be able to spend less time monitoring their activities and more time focused on your business.

14) Confident

A confident employee will often need less coaching, which allows you to use your time and energy elsewhere. As long as they understand the company culture and the rules, confidence can help an employee build up your company with minimal effort from their supervisors.

15) Independent

An independent employee can be left to do their work without strong supervision. They understand what tasks need to be done and are motivated to complete them in a timely manner. Independence often goes hand-in-hand with confidence.

16) Leader

A good employee should have leadership qualities. They can help junior employees learn the ropes and feel confident enough to suggest improvements to superiors.

17) Creative

Creativity is the heart of any business. If your business is going to thrive and grow, it needs creative employees to compete in today’s market. A creative employee will be able to contribute unique ideas or solutions that may not have previously been considered.

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