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Kit, Seal & Sample Forms – Nonprofit Corporation

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Our nonprofit corporate kit consists of many things that will help you comply with state rules and regulations regarding documentation and record keeping. Corporations are required to hold and keep a record of initial and then annual meetings of the board of directors and shareholders. Stock or membership certificates must be issued to corporation shareholders and a record of the owners must be maintained. A metal seal is used to make an official impression identifying the company on official documents.

The MaxFilings Nonprofit Corporate Kit includes all of the following:

  • 3 Ring Padded Binder with corporate name on spine.
  • Alligator look alike slip case.
  • Corporate Seal with pouch (pocket model).
  • 21 Customized Membership Certificates with corporate name.
  • Stock Transfer Ledger.
  • Checklist, Instructions and worksheets.
  • 8 Tab Dividers.
  • Customized Minutes with corporate name.
  • Customized Bylaws with corporate name.
  • Customized Agreements and Plans with corporate name.
    • Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of Members.
    • Waiver of Notice and Minutes of Annual Meeting of Directors.
    • Notice of Annual Meeting of Members.
    • Notice of Organizational Meeting of Directors.
    • Waiver of Notice of Organizational Meeting of Directors.
    • Director(s) Resignation.
    • Notice of Special Meeting of Shareholders.
    • Resolution granting Power of Attorney.
    • Special Power of Attorney.
    • Proxy.
    • Independent Contractor Agreement.
    • Employment Agreement.
    • Banking Statement.
    • Cafeteria Plan.
    • Cafeteria Plan Employee Benefit Election.
    • Medical Expense Plan.
    • Written statement organizing Non - Profit Corporation.
    • Consent of Incorporators to Election of Initial Director(s).
    • Election of Directors.
    • Election of Officers.
    • Corporate Indemnification Plan.