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MaxFilings Success Story: DAS Studio

Don Sigal started DAS Studio in 1986, but it wasn't until 2007 that he incorporated his business. "It was a real struggle," Don recalls, "but then I found MaxFilings and started working with [MaxFilings partner] SEO Advantage."

Don is a master carpenter and restoration expert with a special appreciation for the history of his home state of Florida. His skilled craftsmanship is the core of his business success, but during a recent interview he explained how getting incorporated and finding the right structure and support for his business allowed him to showcase his skill to a wider audience.

Since incorporating in 2007, Don has grown his business by leaps and bounds, something he attributes to both MaxFilings and his resulting relationship with SEO Advantage "I've been able to expand into other areas. I started doing etched glass, stained glass work and custom wall murals" he told us.

Shortly after beginning his relationships with both companies, Don began to see his studio appearing in online search results. "It expanded my horizons and my footprint," he explained, "and that not only allowed my business to grow, but it enabled me to network with fellow carpenters and glass work people in the community, and spread the work out to them."

"It was a mushrooming effect for the economy and all of these local artisans in the Tampa Bay area," Don continued, and that was far from the only benefit. Incorporation, "allowed me to free up my time and expand into areas that I take to heart, like restoration work and historical markers."

Since then, DAS Studio has only continued to grow, and Don's reputation as an artisan has grown with it. His work is regularly featured in area newspapers, and he has even been given the responsibility of restoring and maintaining some important pieces of Florida history. He is Curator of Ybor City's statue of its founder, Vicente Martinez Ybor, an honor bestowed upon him by Ybor's great-grandson Rafael Martinez-Ybor.

In addition to caring for landmarks in his home city, Don has expanded that role so that he is now working statewide to preserve Florida's rich history. He doesn't plan to stop there, either. DAS Studio and its founder have a growing reputation nationwide, with cities shipping their historical markers to Florida so that Don may apply his signature mastery and craftsmanship to their restoration.

"Once I got incorporated and started focusing in different directions, it's been very rewarding," Don told us, explaining how incorporating with MaxFilings and having his website created and promoted by our partner SEO Advantage let him direct his energy toward the areas he is truly passionate about, which had an overall positive effect on his work and his business. Don's current business and focus is, "exactly where I want to be at this time in my life."

Ready to Jump on Board?

When asked if he has any advice for entrepreneurs who might be hesitating to incorporate, Don invoked sailing, another of his passions, saying "You can stay dead in the water or you can jump onboard and sail into the future."