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Who should form an LLC?

Form an LLC now

Forming a limited liability company protects your personal assets by keeping them separate from your business assets, and it provides the greatest flexibility available when it comes to taxation and business structure.

An LLC is the most common choice for small businesses with a single proprietor or a small number of members, as it offers the protections of incorporation without the same requirements necessary for larger, multi-shareholder companies.

Who should form an S corporation?

Form an
S Corporation

S corporations offer specialized taxation that limits the company’s liability. When you form an S corporation, the company itself isn’t taxed. Instead, profits and losses are tallied and taxed after being distributed to shareholders.

For this reason, an S corporation is most often chosen by companies incorporating with multiple shareholders, and is considered a good alternative to legal business partnership because it provides tax benefits without the overhead and complexity.

Who should form a C corporation?

Form a
C Corporation

In C corporations profits are taxed at the business level before being distributed to shareholders, but the main feature of this type of incorporation is that it offers certain advantages that some companies require.

Specifically, a C corporation the only option available for US companies choosing to work with foreign investors. Forming a C corporation also allows you more flexibility with shareholder involvement by making it possible to create multiple classes of stock.

Who needs a registered agent?

Find a
Registered Agent

A registered agent is someone fully credentialed by the state in which you plan to do business, who is authorized to receive legal communications and documents on behalf of your company.

Registered agents make it possible for businesses to operate in states where they don’t have a physical office, so they are essential for anyone planning to open a business or branch office in state where they do not currently reside.

Who needs an incorporation kit?

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Incorporation Kit

You can incorporate online at MaxFilings with just a few clicks, but you’ll still need supplies to help you comply with state and local laws while building your business.

Our Corporate and LLC kits contain many of the accompanying forms you’ll need as you launch your company, as well as supplies to help you create and organize your business, including a personalized corporate seal.

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