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Business Incorporation Services at MaxFilings

Incorporate your business in all 50 states and DC with just a few short clicks

You may be dreading the thought of formally incorporating your business. The lines, fees and forms can seem intimidating. You’d much rather be developing your products or services and focusing on growing your business, not mundane forms and questions.

While it may seem daunting and fraught with red tape, incorporating your business is vital to ensuring compliance with a variety of laws, each of which differ from state to state. But more importantly, business incorporation protects you and your personal assets, and depending on the business structure you choose, may even reduce your tax liabilities.

Don’t delay your business incorporation any longer – let MaxFilings handle all the burdensome legwork of formally establishing your LLC, partnership, or corporation

How is MaxFilings different?

First is up-front pricing – know how much your business incorporation will cost before you even get started. Simply choose your desired corporate structure and your state – a price breakdown for 3 levels of service (Basic, Standard and Max) will appear. Each price quote includes fees for both MaxFilings and your state.

Once you have your price, you can start entering your information.

Just because you start entering your business incorporation information doesn’t mean you’re obligated. Our user-friendly system lets you save your information and come back later to finish – all with no-obligation.

Incorporating your business may seem like a real hassle, but let MaxFilings take care of the legwork so you can focus on delivering great products and services

Business incorporation specialists at MaxFilings have years of experience preparing and filing articles of incorporation, along with other critical steps like:

  • Preparing and obtaining your Federal Tax ID
  • Preliminary name check
  • Expedited/rush processing if necessary

To learn more about business incorporation, we invite you to visit our knowledge center and blog for more. And if you’re ready for form your LLC, S corporation or C corporation, let MaxFilings take care of those pesky tasks for you.

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