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The challenge of forming a “limited liability company” (LLC) may seem time consuming, costly and confusing. You dread the forms and red tape. Incorporating your business is important though - it protects your personal assets, ensures you comply with certain laws, and the business structure you choose could reduce your tax liabilities. Size doesn’t matter. LLC formation is vital in getting legal and tax protection for you as its owner.

“But how do I form my LLC without getting bogged down in mountains of forms and paperwork,” you ask?

Great question. The answer: MaxFilings’ 3-step LLC incorporation service.

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How to Form an LLC?

Many new entrepreneurs we meet express concern about formally starting their LLC - and understandably so considering how intimidating the process of forming a limited liability company can be. Fortunately, MaxFilings takes the burden off you so you can focus on what you do best: building your business.

All it takes is three simple steps to form your LLC. Once you complete these steps, MaxFilings takes it from there. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Choose a Location

Get started by choosing the state in which to form your LLC. Up-front pricing for three service levels (Basic, Standard and Max) will appear, and pricing includes the fees for both MaxFilings and your state.

Step 2: Fill Out the Forms

Enter your information into the forms. Tips appear on the left of each form to help you complete it. The user-friendly systems lets you save your information in case you'd like to return and finish later.

Step 3: Confirm Payment

Enter payment information to submit and process your order. Once payment has been received, MaxFilings will prepare and file the required forms for your state. Major credit cards accepted.

And voilá, you’ve formed an LLC! With MaxFilings, it’s that simple.

The Articles of Incorporation preparation and filing is completely handled by MaxFilings' LLC formation specialists who have years of experience starting limited liability companies in all 50 states and D.C. Our LLC formation specialists will also obtain your federal tax ID and perform a name check. We offer rush processing, if needed.


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Why Form an LLC?

When starting a business, whether a one-person professional consulting service or an Internet-based store, there comes a time when every owner has to choose which type of structure works best. There are numerous types of business entities - sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations (S corps or C corps), non-profits and limited liability companies (LLC) - each with different legal and tax structures.

“How do I know if an LLC is right for my business?”

Another great question. The answer: it depends. First, you'll need to consider the size of your business and assets. Start with these yes/no questions:

  • Do you have employees other than yourself?
  • Do you operate at of an office or work space?
  • Do you have substantial income?
  • Do you have high value personal assets?

If you answered YES to any of the question above, you should definitely consider forming an LLC for your business. Here’s why:


Protection of LLC partners’ personal assets is one of the major advantages of a limited partnership.


Limited partners are not financially responsible for the debts, obligations and liabilities of the partnership.


Hate meetings? Unlike corporations, LLCs are not required to hold annual meeting or document minutes.


With LLCs, there is less paperwork and limited partnerships are easier to manage than most corporations.


Raising additional capital is typically much easier with LLCs due to the limited liability of limited partners.


Limited partnerships are not themselves taxed so partners can enjoy pass-through taxation as with other partnerships.

Though sometimes referred to as limited liability corporations, LLCs are very different from corporations; however, they do provide the same limited liability protection. If you are looking for the same limited liability as a corporation but without the formal structure and time-consuming ongoing requirements, an LLC’s flexibility and simplicity offer a distinct advantage over a corporation.

LLC Formation FAQs

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