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MaxFilings' Free Small Business Owner's Manual

Everything you need to know about incorporating & forming an LLC

Welcome to our Learning Center! We invite you to explore this free guide made for eager and aspiring entrepreneuers like you. The resources below are jam-packed with expert advice, how-tos and tips on how to build a small business from the ground up (better than that one time you bought furniture from Ikea).

We get it - incorporation can be complex. Fortunately, at MaxFilings we make it simple. Start reading and become the business owner you were always meant to be!

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Which state do you want to incorporate in?

Which business entity should you choose?

C Corp
S Corp
Limits personal liability
Ownership structure Unlimited owners Unlimited shareholders No more than 100 shareholders (US citizens or resident aliens only)
All business income/loss passed through to owners each year
Owners pay personal income tax on profits
Business must pay corporate income tax
Recognized outside of the US
Flexible management structure
Annual Meeting Requirement

Incorporation Resources

Glossary of Business Terms

Glossary of Business Terms