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Get Help with your Small Business Incorporation

MaxFilings specializes in helping small businesses navigate the choppy waters of incorporation

You may be having a debate with yourself – should I incorporate my business or not? Amazingly, this can be a really difficult question to answer.

First of all, the process can seem daunting. Local, state and federal government websites provide murky answers at best. Despite the seeming volumes of information out there, there’s little help available for fledgling enterprises. It’s often times easier to just continue operating as a sole proprietorship and forego incorporation.

According to statistics from the U.S. Small Business Administration, over 70% of businesses in the U.S. do just that. However, once you learn about the benefits of business incorporation, the process may seem worth it.

MaxFilings provides small businesses the help they need in all 50 states and D.C.

MaxFilings is an online-based small business incorporation service. We help fledgling enterprises in every state and the District of Columbia navigate the choppy waters of formally setting up a partnership, LLC or corporation.

Some of the ways we help small businesses with the incorporation process include:

  • Name Search – make sure the name you wish to incorporate isn’t being used already

  • Articles of Incorporation (preparation & filing) – MaxFilings will take the information you provide us, prepare all the necessary forms, and submit them to the proper agency in your state

  • Business Forms CD – this special CD from MaxFilings contains templates for over 60 common business forms

  • Federal Tax ID – obtain your unique ID number for federal tax purposes. This special ID puts another wall of separation between your personal assets and your business

Just because you incorporate your business doesn’t mean we go away. MaxFilings is always available to help your small business ensure legal obligations are met in your state.

Learn more by visiting our blog and knowledge center. If you’re ready to begin the incorporation process, first check our pricing page for a quote. Simply choose the business structure you want (LLC vs. S corp. vs. C corp.) and the state your wish to incorporate in for a quote.

From there, simply begin entering your information into our secure, no-obligation system. If you can’t finish at once, save your information and come back later – you’re not charged until you complete the process.

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